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~ Yurt Hire ~

Need help putting up your yurt, then take a look at our YouTube video How to build a yurt

I will also come to your location to help build your yurt - find out more...

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Yurt building training

We have a range of options for training you to build your own yurt; yurt making courses, yurt building apprenticeships and we will aslo come to your area to help you build your own yurt.

Look at the details below to see how we might be able to help you build your own yurt...!

Yurt Making course Orgiva, Andalucia Spain
March 2017

Learn how to make a traditional Kyrgyz style yurt frame from coppiced wood. Full Information...

Yurt Building Internships and Apprenticeships

FairloveYurts will offer someone or a couple the opportunity to learn many of the processes necessary in yurt making. Full Information...

Travelling Yurt Maker

Since 2007 FairloveYurts has travelled to various locations in Britain and Ireland to help groups to build their own yurts and alchigs. Full Information...